Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Child-raising simulation quiz mobile game by Namco

Namco have just announced a new addition to their games portal, Namco EZ Games, for au network customers.

The new game, with the catchy title 子育てクイズいつでもマイエンジェル (Child raising quiz – always my angel) puts the player in charge of a newborn baby girl. The player is then presented with various questions relating to child rearing and rewarded with money to spend on the child for correct answers. How the player spends this money and how they react to certain events has an effect on the child’s personality as it grows up.

Here the player is asked the correct temperature for giving milk to a baby.

The player's choices affect the child's personality - in this case sexy(!) but serious. The variables are seriousness, attractiveness, geekiness and naughtiness. There is also information on the child's future study path (humanities, sociology, science).

Subscription to the Namco mobile games site is 315 yen (around $2.70) per month.

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