Monday, March 20, 2006


Handset designed especially for au business service goes on sale

Japanese operator au have recently been plugging their mobile services aimed at business users and today launched a new handset, the B01K by Kyocera, designed especially for use on au’s business service.

Rather than small and chic design, the makers believe that it is battery life that counts for businessmen on the road. The B01K comes with a chunky 1,200mAh battery which gives it a maximum talk time of around 5 hours 20 minutes. Security also features highly with the handset featuring a function that can erase the phone’s address book and other personal information in the event that the phone gets lost.

It seems that Kyocera are also aware that by targeting the businessman, there are many prospective owners from the older age bracket and have included functions such as a simple mode, large text and text-to-voice conversion of emails, to appeal to this demographic.

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