Thursday, April 06, 2006


Comedy handset breakage

Japanese mobile news site Keitai Watch has an interesting weekly column called ‘The Crash!’. The column’s theme is technological devices that have met an unfortunate, messy end. Viewers send in photographs of the resulting carnage and tell of the sorry tale which led to the device’s demise.

This week’s entry comes from Ms Takehara from near Tokyo who lost her Panasonic P901i. On the fateful day she put her phone, usually kept in her bag, in her pocket. When biking to work as usual, she stopped at the traffic lights and, alas, the phone tumbled from her pocket into the road. By the time she noticed and looked back, the phone was in the pictured state:
“I lost all my pictures and emails and had to spend 7,000 yen on a replacement”, laments Takehara.

image (c) Impress Watch

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