Friday, April 21, 2006


Survey on Vodafone's acquisition by Softbank

Today Japanese research company Infoplant released the results of an interesting survey they carried out regarding the acquisition of Vodafone by Softbank.

It seems there was some dissatisfaction amongst Vodafone customers in Japan, as when asked if they welcomed the acquisition, 45.3% of Vodafone subscribers said they did compared to 39.8% of au and 35.3% of DoCoMo customers.

Next respondents were asked about the possibility of a name change for the operator. Apparently, Vodafone customers would like to keep hold of their Vodafone email addresses as 37.3% said they would like the brand to remain. This compared to only 20% for subscribers of the other two operators.

The third question in the survey was a bit of a no-brainer – what would respondents like to see from Softbank’s mobile survey. Naturally, the most frequent response by far was a reduction in tariffs!

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