Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Willcom bundle Windows Mobile PPC with mini voice handset

Sharp’s Windows Mobile Pocket PC handset, W-Zero3, is arguably one of the most popular handsets on the Willcom network. It flew off the shelves when introduced and was voted handset of the year 2005 by one public poll.

However, even the most adamant fans of PPC handsets will agree that they are not the most portable of devices and I suspect many owners will chose to leave their PPC phone at home on a night out or weekend away. To address this concern, Willcom has today started selling a bundled set of the W-Zero3 PPC together with its TT (Tiny Talk) handset.

Both the W-Zero3 and the TT make use of Willcom’s W-Sim modular technology. The W-Sim is an extended version of a SIM card, containing not only user data but also all the transmission technology needed for a mobile device to work. To switch phones, all the owner has to do is simply pull out the W-Sim from one device and plug it into the other.

The small size of the TT makes it a perfect compliment to the W-Zero3 and as the W-Sim can easily be swapped on the go, the package is a great solution to those who want the functionality of a PPC handset but don’t always want to carry it around with them.

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The small TT and the more bulky W-Zero3 (Images (c) Impress Watch Corportation)

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