Friday, May 19, 2006


Bluetooth multiplayer games hit Japan

Sharp’s new 905SH, which goes on sale on the Vodafone network on the 27th May comes with 17 pre-installed applications – 8 of which are multiplayer games using Bluetooth to connect players. It is the second phone to support ChikaChat (a Bluetooth chat application for 1-8 people) and ChikaGame (multiplayer Bluetooth games) following the 904SH which went on sale on April 15th.

The games are mainly a mixture of sports titles including “EX Baseball Miracle Battle” and “Max Power Air Hockey” and old favourites such as “Super Bomberman BT”, “Meteos Mobile”, “Arkanoid Link” and “Battle Pacman”. “Asphalt Urban GT2” and “Battle Game Pack” complete the lineup.

ChikaChat and ChikaGame were announced as part of Vodafone’s new strategy for 2006 before it was bought up by Softbank. With Softbank announcing a tie-up with Vodafone to produce new handsets and services, it looks like ChikaChat and ChikaGame will feature on Softbank Mobile handsets in the future.

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