Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Location-based Hello Kitty

For some reason or other, Hello Kitty is insanely popular in Japan and the cartoon cat adorns products from pencils to microwaves in department stores all over the country. Naturally, there are numerous mobile content sites dedicated to the feline phenomenon and today Imagineer revealed their latest Kitty site – Local Kitty.

Aside from the standard Hello Kitty we all know and love (!) there are over 850 themed Kittys in local costume representing the different towns and regions of Japan. The site delivers locally-themed Hello Kitty wallpapers, animations, photo frames and email stationary for 315 yen per month.

The site is also compatible with GPS, and Kitty fans travelling around Japan can select the location-based service to be provided with a selection of Kitty content appropriate to their current location. Limited-edition regional-themed products are popular in Japan and Local Kitty is sure to be a big hit.

(Left to right: Hokkaido Kitty, Shinjuku Kitty, Okinawa Kitty, Akihabara Kitty)

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