Thursday, June 01, 2006


Mobile lessons in gibberish

‘Brain training’ games are extremely popular in Japan at the moment, sparked off by Dr Kawashima’s brain training game on the Nintendo DS. The game spawned a sequel and several tribute games including games to help learning English – a compulsory subject in Japanese schools.

The trend has started to transfer to mobile games and there have been a string of releases of ‘brain training’ games on all the major networks. The latest is “Doppuri the Brains” (“Brain Immersion”), an English training game from Game World for the Vodafone network.

The game is only 105 yen ($0.90) and its discount price appears to be a reflection of its quality. As well as teaching useful phrases such as “I go to school by rocket”, the application gives lessons in gibberish such as “I am a MIKE. It introduces a cheerful ENGLISH game!” and I have checked – it’s not a ‘spot the mistake’ quiz! Check the picture below:

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