Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Nokia's plan to crack Japan - a 2 year-old European handset?

Today Nokia Japan held a press conference to detail its latest strategy to crack the Japanese market. Amazingly, the manufacturer seems to be set on continuing to push the 6630 onto the Japanese market which it originally released a year or so ago on Vodafone Japan.

Yes, that’s right - the cutting-edge 3G handset with only one camera (great for video calling!) released in 2004 in Europe! The clunky 6630 was criticised for its sluggish response and lack of memory over here and the problems worsen once support for Japanese language is bolted on. Nokia re-released the handset for DoCoMo earlier this year and (if that wasn’t enough) will soon releasing a sim-free version.

The other handsets which Nokia are hoping will take the Japanese market by storm this year are the N71, E60 and E61 which are already available in Europe, but which won’t be released until autumn at the earliest Japan. Does Nokia seriously expect to make any impact on the Japanese market with these handsets?

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