Thursday, July 13, 2006


DoCoMo reveal handset for women, RAZR derivatives

Last week, DoCoMo announced details of six new 3G handsets due to go on sale later this summer. As usual, the new handsets have some interesting functions worth taking a look at.

The new lineup includes the D702iF targeted squarely at female users, which comes in a variety of floral patterns and comes loaded with a biorhythm calculator and a recipe book with a cooking timer function customised for each dish. The handset also has a “ringtone relief” function – an extended push of a button located on the side of the handset sets off the ringtone, allowing owners to receive a fake phonecall to come to their aid in situations such as when being harassed by strangers when walking down the street.

The P702iD has an interesting function called “Feel*Talk” which analyses the tone and volume of the consumer’s voice during calls and shows an animated display and flashes LEDs in a way which mirrors the ‘feelings’ of the speaker. The SH702iS has a contrast-adjusting button on the side of the handset which is being touted as an anti-peeping feature. The N702iS takes its inspiration from drinks, with its ‘bubbly’ fascias. The handset comes in ‘Mineral Water’, ‘Strawberry Milk’, ‘Cafe Latte’, ‘Soda’, ‘Orange Juice’, ‘Cranberry’, ‘Green Tea’ and ‘Hot Chocolate’ flavours.

Two of the new models come from Motorola, a handset manufacturer which has so far only taken tentative steps in the Japanese market. The handsets are both modelled on the ever popular RAZR and have strong roaming capabilities.

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