Monday, July 24, 2006


Flash turns phones into RPG battle game

Flash applications are becoming increasingly popular in Japan, allowing consumers to completely customise their mobiles with skins that can evolve according to variables such as the time of day. Square Enix has just released a flash application “Battle Flash” based on the company’s classic Dragon Quest RPG video game series.

After installing the application, battery charge is displayed as HP and signal strength as MP. Each time the handset is opened, a battle scene takes place featuring characters from the video games. The characters who appear change depending on the HP and MP levels and the time of day.

“Battle Flash” is part of a range of content on Square Enix’s Dragon Quest mobile portal. Sub-ion to the portal costs between 105 and 525 yen per month ($0.90 - $4.50) which awards the subscriber with an amount of ‘DQ Points’ which they can spend as they choose on the different content on the site.

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