Wednesday, August 23, 2006


'Drink' phone launch date announced

DoCoMo have announced that the most unique phone of their summer lineup, the N702iS by NEC, will go on sale this Friday.

As has become a common practice with manufacturers in Japan, the handset was designed in collaboration a designer. Ooki Sato’s vision is a ‘glass style’ phone that can be customised with different drink themed covers. The phone comes in three basic colour schemes – ‘Mineral Water’, ‘Strawberry Milk’ and ‘Cafe Latte’ and ‘Hot Chocolate’, ‘Soda’, ‘Cranberry’, ‘Orange Juice’ and ‘Green Tea’ covers are also available to give the phone a different flavour.

The drink theme extends beyond the covers – the phone also boasts an ‘aquaillumination’ feature (bubble-like lights which flash to signal incoming calls and emails). The best bit, however is the liquid themed default wallpaper which is linked to tilt sensors in the handset and reacts to movement as liquid would in a glass. The level of liquid left corresponds to the remaining battery level, so you can tell at a glance whether you will shortly need a refill. The wallpaper is not the only function to use the motion sensors – the phone also includes an ingenious eggtimer which is activated and reset through tipping the handset.

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