Wednesday, August 30, 2006


KDDI team up with Toyota to release handset

Today KDDI announced a tie-up with Toyota to produce an au branded handset specifically designed to work with Toyota vehicles.

The handset, called TiMO, is based on a Toshiba handset already sold on the au network. The Toyota version of the handset will connect to the car’s onboard satnav system via Bluetooth to provide an easy-to-use guidance interface. Toyota will also offer the option of a special armrest featuring a recharging slot for the driver to put their TiMO whilst on the road.

The TiMO will be sold in Toyota outlets from the end of October and the package includes a year’s free sub-ion to ‘Helpnet’ – an emergency communication service which uses GPS to send the car’s location to the authorities in the case of an emergency.

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