Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Secret Compact 2 - platformer with interesting twist have just released a mobile platformer with an interesting twist. The game is called “Secret Compact 2” and is the sequel to “Secret Compact”. The main character in the game is an ordinary girl called “Lovely” who has a secret – she can use her compact to turn into crime avenging superhero “Lovely Girl”.

The game is a standard platform affair which sees the player exploring levels and collecting hearts which increase Lovely’s compact charge. When the charge reaches maximum, Lovely can change into Lovely Girl and attack baddies and save babies etc. etc.

What makes the game special is the unique control method players use to transform Lovely into Lovely Girl. The phone is used to carry out the transformation and the player has to close and open the handset as if it were a compact. Secret Compact 2 adds new stages and transformation patterns and is available for 210 yen.

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