Wednesday, September 20, 2006


SonyEri's new 'glow phone'

I was checking out this article posted by Japanese mobile news site +D Mobile last week about the new W43S handset by Sony Ericsson which has just gone on sale on the au network in Japan.

The handset’s main feature is an LED panel which can be customised using various fascias which alter the way the light reflects, producing different effects. The lighting isn’t purely for decoration, however, as lights correspond to missed calls, new emails, new texts and new alerts. The example below shows that the owner has two missed calls and one new email.

Aside from the fancy lights, the handset has some of the coolest UI design I’ve seen on a phone recently with a ‘cartoon strip’ menu option and a pinboard wallpaper which displays random pictures from the cameraphone’s album.

Images (c) +D Mobile

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