Thursday, October 12, 2006


Docomo reveal autumn/winter 06 collection

Today DoCoMo announced their new autumn/winter handset collection of 14 new handsets for the Japanese market. This follows au and SoftBank’s new collections of 12 and 13 handsets respectively. It’s obvious that all three operators are making an extra special effort this time round with mobile number portability becoming a reality in Japan from the 24th of this month.

Some highlights from DoCoMo’s new collection:

The P903i is a music phone with up to 70 hours playback between recharges. The phone comes with a “safety key” (presumably Bluetooth based) which automatically locks the handset if the owner is separated from their mobile.

The F903iX HIGH-SPEED is a HSDPA-enabled handset from Fujitsu notable for its “swing style” form factor. Consumers can set different applications to automatically load when they “swing” the handset’s screen to the left or right.

The SIMPURE N1 is a simple, compact 3G handset and is the lightest of all DoCoMo’s 3G offerings. The handset’s main target is to tempt existing 2G subscribers to upgrade to 3G contracts without pushing multimedia 3G services they don’t necessarily want.

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