Thursday, November 09, 2006


Mobile game community reaches 2 million members

Yesterday, Japanese mobile site Mobagetown signed up is 2 millionth member. The name Mobagetown is a fusion of “Mobile Game Town” and the site is a mobile-only community game site, similar to Korea’s PC based Hangame site which is the largest online game community in the world, with 25 million subscribers in Korea and 17 million in Japan. Like Hangame, the site is a blend of casual games and social networking –multiplayer and singleplayer games coupled with chat, blogs and avatars.

Mobagetown launched in February this year and so has managed to grow to 2 million members in just 9 months. To put that in perspective, it took Mixi (the most popular PC based SNS in Japan) 1 year, 9 months and 3 weeks to reach 2 million members!

Mobagetown plans to increase its functionality and introduce music, video and search features to the site in the coming months. Membership to Mobagetown is free.

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