Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Navitime launches interesting GPS application

Today Navitime launched an interesting little GPS mobile application with three different functions using GPS to make life easier when out and about.

The first function is ‘safety alert’ and it sends a notification message to a predefined email address when the handset owner enters or leaves a predefined location. Useful, perhaps for child tracking or determining when family members leave the house and return home.

Next is ‘proximity navi’ which makes the handset vibrate and display an alert when the owner gets near to one or more predefined locations. I can’t think of too many uses for this one off the top of my head – but could be used to remind you of potholes in the road or particularly bad restaurants!

The third function is ‘last train from anywhere’ which sounds very handy when out on the town in an unfamiliar place. The service keeps track of your location and matches it with train times of the nearest station. When last train time draws near, the service will alert you and provide GPS directions to the station.

The application is part of the service Navitime provides to paid subscribers to its mobile site. Subscription is charged at 210 yen for standard and 315 yen for premium membership.

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