Friday, December 15, 2006


Can Beckham sell the RAZR in Japan?

Apparently Motorola is using Japanese schoolgirl favourite David Beckham to promote the recent launch of the RAZR (or M702iS as it's known there) in Japan.

Hopefully the Beckham factor will be enough to persuade Japanese consumers to part with their hard-earned cash for what is essentially a 2-year old phone with the slight oversight that its camera cannot read QR codes (pretty much a must-have feature these days!) ;)

"slight oversight that its camera cannot read QR codes"

good catch!
It seems it has been catching a few Japanese consumers out...
There's a post in this blog from someone who bought the phone but didn't realise it couldn't read QR codes until they got a high score in a video game by Namco and wanted to submit it to a Namco's national ranking site which you can do by scanning a QR code the game generates with your phone. Needless to say he wasn't happy when he discovered his shiny new phone couldn't read the code. Interestingly the soon-to-be-launched and also based on the RAZR M702iG does have QR code functionality...
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