Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Mobile community gains 100,000 members in 3 days!

The mobile community news just keeps rolling in from Japan. Back at the end of November, I posted about EZGree – the mobile version of the PC community site Gree which has 25.3 million members in Japan. EZGree got 100,000 mobile signups in the space of a week.

Gree is the third largest PC-based community in Japan with around 400,000 members. The largest is Mixi with 5.2 million members. Mixi has been running a mobile version of its site for a while, but as of the 4th December it improved the mobile version and for the first time allowed members to join from their mobile. In three days, the site recorded 100,000 mobile signups.

Whereas registration for EZGree is free for all, Mixi operates a strict invite-only policy, which makes this number even more remarkable.

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