Thursday, December 14, 2006


Order takeaway over mobile TV

Falling advertising revenue is a problem facing TV stations all around the world. Chukyo TV in Japan is hoping to use mobile TV to develop new business models tap into new revenue streams.

Chukyo TV is teaming up with Yumenomatchi – a company running online and mobile fast food delivery services to allow consumers to order food via mobile TV. As mobile TV in Japan uses the Oneseg digital terrestrial broadcast system, the service exploits the possibility to send data as part of the TV signal.

There aren’t any real differences between the mobile TV and mobile internet versions of the service, but anyone from the UK who is familiar with the M&S “food porn” ads will bear witness to TV’s power to make you hungry. You will be able to order your takeaway sushi directly from phone from the 18th of December in selected regions in Japan.

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