Thursday, December 21, 2006


Sanyo let consumers get creative with their phones

Today Sanyo announced a photo competition for its mobile customers. The competition itself is of little interest (the best picture wins some holiday vouchers), but it introduced be to “Pasha-Moji” – an interesting feature of recent Sanyo phones that allows you to decorate your photos with handmade designs.

Print Club” stickers are hugely popular with Japanese youth - many teens carry a Print Club book filled with pictures of their friends and trading the stickers is a social activity.

Most handsets in Japan have a collection of icons and decorations you can use to recreate the Print Club experience with your cameraphone. Sanyo’s Pasha-Moji takes the customisation theme a bit further and allows you to design hand-drawn decorations for your photos.

First, you take a picture of your subject. Next you draw your decorations in black ink on white paper and take a picture of that. You can then recolour, resize and reposition your handmade decorations to your heart’s content and your work of art is complete.

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