Monday, January 08, 2007


Best Japanese handset of 2006

Japanese news site Keitai Watch have published their list of top mobile handsets of 2006 as voted by their readers. Whereas the site’s readers aren’t a good representation of the Japanese general public (they’re definitely of the more technically-minded variety), I thought it was worth posting all the same.

This year, two phones share the coveted number one spot with 536 votes each. The first is Sharp’s 905SH which was the phone which raised the bar for OneSeg digital TV handsets with its superb Aquos-branded QVGA display. The second is the Casio W41CA, another fully-functional high end wallet phone featuring the Lismo music service.

Last year’s winner was the Sharp W-Zero 3, Japan’s first Windows Mobile powered pocket pc phone and it’s no surprise that the handset’s successor, the W-Zero 3 es took first place in the newly-created smartphone category.

(L to R 905SH, W41CA, W-Zero 3 es)

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