Monday, January 15, 2007


Handsets become art

Sometimes it seems that some of the handsets released in the Japanese market would be more at home displayed in an art gallery - and that’s exactly what’s going to happen. KDDI announced today that the Museum of Modern Art in New York is going to display four handsets from au’s Design Project collection of designer mobiles.

The first handset is the “Infobar” which went on sale in 2003 and was au’s first designer handset.

London designer Marc Newson’s “Talby” will also go on display.

Last year’s “Neon” with customizable LED display is the third model chosen.

The lineup is completed with the concept handset “Media Skin” which au revealed in 2005, but was never commercialised. The designers of the simple, smooth handset say it is meant to represent a “second skin”.

It’s a great chance for anyone in New York to check out some really stunning handsets from Japan.


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