Thursday, January 18, 2007


Seminar on cameraphone codes in London next Thursday

I’m running a seminar on cameraphone codes next Thursday afternoon at City University, Central London. The seminar will cover the basics of 2D barcodes, the technological and financial considerations and the pros and cons of the competing systems. We’ll also look at alternative mobile hyperlink systems such as image recognition, audio and RFID. There’ll be some videos, demos and case studies and hopefully it should be an interesting afternoon.

Find out more by downloading this brochure. The price for one place is £145, but if you call and mention you’re a reader of this blog I’ve negotiated a very special price (over 50% discount!).

I wonder if your seminar will bring up softwares name Qode and Lavashpere.

I think Neomedia Technonlogies and Gavitec along with the members of MC2 should be looked at as a standard for mobile code readers.

HP and others are involved.

I would love to attend. How can we find out what was dicussed?
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