Friday, February 02, 2007


I found a QR code reader that works with my N73!

I do quite a few postings on QR codes and really believe that they will be as just as big outside Japan (I’m also writing a report which is nearly complete on how they can be used).

Recently I got my hands on a Nokia N73 and I’ve been trying to install a QR code reader on the handset. Nokia posted their own barcode reader on the N73 section of their website but it wouldn’t install on my handset (and quite a few others’, judging by the support forums) and Nokia took it down pretty quickly. Today I finally found a reader that works!

The first clue was this article on Japanese mobile news site +D mobile. It’s a selection of questions sent in by readers on the recently released 705NK (aka the Japanese N73). One reader asks whether the handset can read QR codes (as many non-Japanese manufacturers seem to miss this quite important function off their lists) and the answer is, predictably, no. However, the article goes on to say that there is a QR code reader available, bizarrely, [on the N73 page of Nokia Taiwan (the English file name gives it away).

The application seems to be built by ScanLIFE, creators of the eZcode. I tried installing it on my UK N73 and it works fine (albeit with the slight hitch that the camera automatically starts when you open the lens cover – so you have to close that before you run the app). However, it's not as good as my current favourite reader (the QuickMark reader on my Nokia 7610).


Hi Jan, thanks for this. I also have a Nokia N73 and tried to find a download for this - but have no idea.

Your report sounds really interesting - we are writing a feature on QR codes for The Mobile Search Analyst: would love to quote you on the Koala blog also featured here. OK?
thanks bena
Hello! Our partner company in China also has a great N73 2D reader. This is the only CMCC/Nokia certified reader and can easily be developed to suit pretty much any code format. In addition, we have version for Series 60 phones - though only the micro-focus (N73, etc) support high density codes.
Hey, I downloaded one of the Quickmark clients some time ago on my Nokia N73. I am not sure which one it was, from memory, there was only one S60 3rd phone on their list of supported phones so I tried it and it worked.
Also, I've read somewhere that Kaywa is about to release their client for N73.
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