Friday, February 23, 2007


New survey gives insights into the effects of flat rate data on consumer behaviour

Last week Infoplant Japan published the results of their latest consumer survey on mobile usage. Here are some highlights:

• The number of respondents who use the mobile internet every day was 82% (up from 77% in the same survey last year)

• Flat rate data subscribers use the mobile internet more, with 88% accessing mobile sites every day compared to 54% of non flat rate customers

• Flat rate data subscribers are also more likely to have downloaded games (78% vs 57%), ringtones (78% vs 63%), shopped on their mobile (44% vs 26%) and signed up to subscription sites (59% vs 36%)

• However, there was not a great difference between flat rate and standard subscribers when it came to entering competitions (94% vs 93%), or receiving coupons (54% vs 50%)

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