Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Soothing, stimulating and suppressing ringtones for muPass from Sammy

I’ve posted about muPass in the past – it’s the technology that allows you to send ringtones from your mobile to compatible everyday devices such as cookers, baby mobiles and alarm clocks

Today, Sammy, the company behind muPass, announced that they will be releasing new muPass ringtones which they developed in collaboration with the Japan Accoustic Lab and the Japan Ringing Tone Laboratory (yes, it actually does exist – I checked!).

From tomorrow, visitors to the muPass mobile site will be able to download “stop the baby crying”, “dolphin therapy” and “wake up feeling great” ringtones, which the company claims are scientifically proven to work. Sammy is planning to release further ringtones in March including “get motivated” and “suppress that anger”. Personally, I look forward to the release of a “calm down it’s only a traffic jam” ringtone I can transfer to my car ;)

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