Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Strange ears cause a stir in Japanese mobile forums

Inputting Japanese into your mobile is a bit more complex than your average T9 and there are various competing systems vying for a place on the latest handset models. Every so often gremlins can creep into the input system and these are quickly picked up by Japanese mobile enthusiasts and do the rounds of mobile review sites and bulletin boards.

According to this article, the latest “scandal” concerns the character 穂 or “ear” (of a grain rather than the body part), which I can safely say I have never had the need to type into my mobile in my life. When you enter the character using the input system on the Panasonic P903i, launched in November last year, the phone displays the character with a rogue extra dot in the top right hand corner.

Let this be a warning to any P903i owners wanting to discuss the condition of the ears of corn from their latest harvest!


your blog is fantastic!!
since i've discovered ti has become one of my fave..
I luv your deep interest in keitai-world and you seems to handle japanese language so deeply..

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