Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Handset that detects the mood of your messages

While at first glance, the P703i by Panasonic isn’t the most head-turning handset in DoCoMo’s recently announced spring lineup (that prize would probably go to the touchscreen clamshell D800iDS, the waterproof F703i which you can allegedly use in the shower or the SO703i which has swappable fragranced fascias), on closer inspection, the handset has a rather novel feature – “Feel*Mail”.

“Feel*Mail” is a new function along the same lines as “Feel*Talk” which appeared in a Panasonic handset I wrote about last summer. When the handset receives a message, “Feel*Mail” analyses its text and displays one of 45 different animations depending on the emotion detected in the message.

In the unlikely event this function ever comes to the UK, I wonder how well the it would cope with txt spk?

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