Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Psycho-analyse your mobile messages

Have you ever received a message on your phone from someone special but weren’t sure whether the text represented their true feelings? It’s this kind of problem that Animo is trying to solve with its new i-mode service “Email Truth Checker” which is similar to the Feel*Mail handset function I posted on yesterday.

To use the service, you choose your gender and the relationship between you and the person whose message you want to analyse (you can chose from partner, crush, superior, family etc.). After you’ve uploaded the message in question, the system analyses the language used and rates the authenticity of the feelings expressed. The service also provides a detailed psycho-analysis of the writer and gives you tips on how to respond.

“Email Truth Checker” charges a monthly subscription of 105 yen (just under $1), which is cheaper than hiring a psychologist to read your emails…


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