Monday, March 05, 2007


Medically proven Mozart music for mobiles

I posted a little while back about Sammy’s soothing and stimulating ringtones for its muPass service. Well, last week they launched a range of therapeuti... for their standard ringtone service, Platinum Tones.

This time they’ve teamed up with Dr Wago, a professor from Saitama Medical University who has released two CDs of Mozart music called “The Mozart Therapy: Dr Wago’s music therapy - Volume 1: Hayfever” and “Volume 2: Stiff shoulders”.

Sammy have carefully selected 10 pieces from the CDs which they are releasing as ringtones. Choices include the third movement of violin sonata no. 24 in C major (the high tones of the violin work wonders on the parasympathetic nerve), first movement of the oboe quartet in F major (the high frequency tones have a soothing effect on the cranial nerves) and the second movement of 35th symphony in D major (the calm arpeggios relieve tension from the body).

For anyone doubting whether a ringtone can really influence your health, I, for one, can vouch for Crazy Frog’s effect on my cranial nerves.


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