Friday, December 15, 2006


Japanese site caters for English speakers' craving for Kirk voice ringtones

The Japanese mobile internet can be a confusing place for foreigners, what with all the crazy mobile services such as lbs hello kitty, koala-biscuit themed mobile communities, games with makeup-wielding superheros and the like. Luckily au and Axel Mark have launched a mobile site specifically targeted to English speakers living in Japan – “American Direct”.

Instead of translated Japanese content, “American Direct” has everything English speakers want from a mobile site which, in their opinion is ringtones from Destiny’s Child and Hollywood soundtracks and voice ringtones from Star Trek’s William Shatner and major league baseball players. I think they’re onto something here – if a mobile site doesn’t contain Beyoncé and Captain Kirk, I’m just not interested ;)

The site has standard and premium subscription options at 315 yen (£1.50) and 525 yen (£2.50) per month respectively.

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